Public Safety Building Advisory Committee

Early in the fiscal year Selectmen created a new committee to officially begin the process of developing a Public Safety Building that would provide adequate space for the Police Department and the Fire & Rescue Department with consideration for community use as well. It is common knowledge that both departments currently suffer a lack of adequate facility to pro-vide the community with the full service it needs and deserves.

As you might imagine there are a myriad of questions surrounding a project of this magnitude but the goal of the committee is to find a 50-to-75-year solution for the town. So far the conversations have been about the criteria for location and how to devise a workable floorplan that will provide safety, growth and utility for the long-term.

At the April 6th meeting Skowhegan Fire Chief Shawn Howard shared Skowhegan’s experience of developing a new facility. The committee came away with a new “To Do” list and lots of enthusiasm for what was ahead even though the process is going to be several years long.

Community involvement and input is critical to the success of this endeavor so if you have an interest in this project, please contact Chairman Jeff Pierce at 313-3478

Members: Jeff Pierce, Chairman; Police Chief Rusty Bell; Fire Chief Travis Leary; Police Officer Jeff Connell; Assist. Chief Tim Fuller; Assist. Chief Rick Barton; CEO Frank Gioffre; James Turcotte; Jenni Tilton-Flood; Terry Knowles; Maryanne Barrows

Supporting Docs:


Clinton Police Dept. Assessment - Jan. 2021

Clinton Police Dept. - Support Assessment Info.

Clinton Fire Dept. Needs Assessment

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