Town Administration / Town Manager

The Town Manager is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Board of Selectmen for the effective administration of all Town affairs placed in the Town Manager's charge, by laws of the State of Maine (Title 30-A), the Town Charter, adopted ordinances, and Board resolutions.

The Town Manager has three primary areas of function:

1. To serve and protect the health, safety and life of the people of the Town of Clinton through the effective delivery of public services
2. To manage the financial resources of the Town, ensuring public trust in the collection and use of those funds
3. To provide the Board of Selectmen with well-researched information to assist and guide them in making policy decisions

Additional duties of the Town Manager are as follows:

• Treasurer
• Tax Collector
• Road Commissioner
• Personnel Director
• Purchasing Agent
• Webmaster

The Town Manager appoints annually, subject to the confirmation of the Board of Selectmen, the following:

• Fire Chief
• Police Chief
• Highway Supervisor
• Solid Waste Transfer and Recycling Center Director
• Code Enforcement Officer

The Town Manager appoints the following officers annually:

• Animal Control Officer
• Building Inspector
• Plumbing Inspector
• Electrical Inspector
• Civil Emergency Preparedness Director
• E-911 Municipal Coordinator
• Health Officer
• Town Clerk
• Registrar of Voters