Trustees of Brown Memorial Library

 Brown Memorial Library Board of Trustees

  53 Railroad Street - Clinton, ME 04927 (207) 426-8686


The Brown Memorial Library shall be a department of the Town. The Library shall be managed by a Board of Trustees consisting of three (3) members elected at large by the voters of the Town for three-year staggered terms. Library Trustees must be residents of Clinton throughout their three-year term. The Town Treasurer shall annually make available to the Board of Trustees, for Library maintenance purposes, a sum equal to seven percent (7%) per annum of the interest from the Brown Memorial Library Fund. All donations, gifts. and bequeaths made to the Brown Memorial Library shall be submitted to the Town Treasurer and shall be accepted or rejected by the voters of the Town as provided by State law. Any donations, gills, and bequeaths made to the Brown Memorial Library that are accepted by the voters shall be placed in a Library Reserve Fund and used for library purposes in accordance with any conditions placed on the donation, gift, or bequeath and State law. Any expenditure of donations or bequeaths by the Trustees shall be accounted for to both the Board of Selectmen and the Town Treasurer on a quarterly basis. The Board of Trustees and the Librarian shall annually submit a written report of their activities and financial affairs to the municipal officers to be included in each Annual Town Report.


BML Trustees:


Joy Jandreau

Term expires: 2025

Margaret Williams 

Term expires: 2023

Rebecca Turlo

Term expires: 2024